Thursday, 8 July 2010

Ideas for our music cover

For our CD cover we have brainstormed some ideas:
a female JLS cover,
Girls Aloud covers,
The Saturdays covers,
Take That
Below are some of the first CD covers that were released for boy and girl band.


Thursday, 1 July 2010


Today we filmed our Music Intro.

We began with the black background then filmed on the white.
We filmed all three of us in a line, and then separate close ups.
We didn't have to re-shoot many times.

We've now uploaded it to the computer

Tuesday, 29 June 2010


This is the Original video to JLS Beat Again.

What we really liked about it was the intro, how the beat was represented by how much of the footage we saw.

We decided to do something quite similar. So we made sure the shot was mainly on all 3 of us, including close up's on certain parts.

We did! use JLS's dance move for "my heart won't beat again... killing me" part.

we also used beyonce's single ladies as inspiration.

JLS - Beat Again - Lyrics

The Doctors just finished telling me there’s no time
Losing you could be the end of me and that I
Should do the things that I wanna do how could I
Without you without you ooh ooh

Cos you’re the only one I let in
Tell me how to stop this feeling spreading
I’m hoping somehow that you know ooh ooh

Lets just get back together
We should’ve never broke up
They’re telling me
That my heart wont beat again
We should have stayed together
Cos when you left me it stopped
They’re telling me
That my heart wont beat again
Wont beat again
Its killing me

I need you back in my arms
I need love CPR
Cos its getting so cold ooh
I need you back again
Or else Ill never mend
And girl if I go I go I go I go

I’m beggin’ please don’t let me go X 4

JLS - Beat Again : LOGISTICS

Location: College - Media Room - Black Background/ White background

Schedule: 1 hour of filming aprox.

Props: no props.

White Back ground= black clothes, tiny bit of white and a colour. and for Black reverse.

Ashleigh = red bow, white dress, red cardi - black dress
Lauren = green headscarf white jeans and a black top. black leggins and white top.
Rosie = blue head band/bracelt/necklace. white dress/ balck dress.
Mercedes = yellow

Who's Performing?: all of us.

How is the music going to be played?: through ipod and ipod speakers

What part of the song?: intro-verse 1-chorus-middle 8
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